Our Partners

We are creating to a remarkable network of dog lovers around the world. These sanctuaries, veterinarians, local governments and rescues are doing effective work and we encourage you to support their missions, adopt from them, and even discover volunteer opportunities! Our plan is to grow this network globally, offering financial assistance for their sterilizations.

Partner Guidelines

• Provide us pricing for local veterinarian (male and female sterilizations, ear-marking of some sort (tattoo or tag) and antibiotics)
• A PayPal account for money transfer.
• Sterilizations provided solely for in-need dogs that are living on the street.
• Proof of sterilization: Photos of surgery, ear-marking, receipt from veterinarian.
• Partner assumes all responsibility for a safe and healthy recovery!


Government, veterinary & COMMUNITY PARTNERS


We are on the ground in Catamarca, Argentina working with the city's public clinic for free sterilizations, Zoonosis. They have committed two free sterilizations per week for the street dogs that For the Love of Dogs brings in.


Amor Animal Catamarca


We partner with many local veterinarians and protectionist groups to pay for compassionate sterilizations for the street dogs of Catamarca. With Amor Animal, we have been attending regular missions to underserved neighborhoods to feed and medicate sick and unloved street dogs. Additionally, we have funded many of the sterilizations for the in-need dogs this group services.



Olhão, Portugal

An association formed in May 2004 in the Algarve of Portugal. They have a mission to improve the living conditions of animals and are working closely with For the Love of Dogs to sterilize their street dogs. We have a goal to assist with 100 in 2018!

Azil Kotor.png

Friends of Dogs Montenegro

Kotor Bay, Montenegro

A Montenegrin based charity focused on improving the lives of homeless and stray dogs. In 2017 and 2018 we partnered with this group and co-sponsored 20 sterilizations!


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