Lulu Anderson


Over the last 2 years in her travel around the world, Lulu became aware of the overpopulation of street dogs and was moved to volunteer in many of the countries she visited – fostering, feeding, walking, assisting in web design and social media, and more.

In time, she realized that she could best serve this problem by using her marketing expertise and focusing on the root of the problem: there are just too many unloved dogs. She brings to the table:

  • Branding and marketing expertise
  • Organizational abilities
  • Big picture problem solving

Currently in Argentina, she is helping the street dogs and learning Spanish!


Eileen Hussing


Growing up Eileen's parents never let her have any pets, aside from a goldfish, this left her quite envious of all the other kids that got to play with their puppies. After finishing law school, she and her boyfriend (now husband) settled into life in Atlanta. After much begging and not-so-subtle hints for a puppy, they found Rylee - a feisty and fluffy little girl who has captured their hearts. Eileen now can't imagine her household without a dog in it and she is using her law skills to assist For the Love of Dogs in its mission to make the world a place where all dogs are loved. When not exploring Georgia with her husband and Rylee, Eileen works as in-house counsel for a medical device company.


David Lundy


David is a life-long dog owner, whose interest in the past few years has turned to the plight of unwanted pets. Recognizing that there are many dogs who need homes, the root of the problem is the explosion of the animal population, he has turned his attention to the important work of taming that seemingly out-of-control situation. Dave learned his problem-solving skills in his 32 year career with the New York Power Authority, in the Operations Department of one of the largest hydroelectric plants in the USA. When Dave and his wife, Mari, are not tending to the needs of Dindi, the Magic Flying Dog, and Flopsy, the Large Unambitious Cat, he is an actor, working onstage and in film.

UPDATE: With the help of For the Love of Dogs, Dave and Mari have just adopted Jobim into their home, a rescue from the streets of Argentina.