Lulu Anderson


Over the last 3 years in her travel around the world, Lulu became aware of the overpopulation of street dogs and was moved to volunteer in many of the countries she visited – fostering, feeding, walking, assisting in web design and social media, and more.

In time, she realized that she could best serve this problem by using her marketing expertise and focusing on the root of the problem: there are just too many unloved dogs. She brings to the table:

  • Branding and marketing expertise

  • Organizational abilities

  • Big picture problem solving

Currently in Austin, Texas, she works as a freelance digital marketer and volunteers for different animal rescues. When she's not in Austin, she is off exploring with her Argentinian street dog, Peach!


Lorelai Allrich

Director of Development

A graduate of Emerson College, Lorelai began her career in web development and new media before volunteering for the California Wildlife Center, helping rescue and rehabilitate local native wildlife. From there, she also began volunteering and later working with Best Friends Animal Society, combining her digital background and passion for rescuing at-risk animals in a regional lifesaving operations role.

Lorelai is also the founder of a youth empowerment non-profit and a rescue mom to three dogs and one cat. In her spare time, she continues to volunteer with Austin Pets Alive!, enjoys bicycling around the green belts of Austin and has an affinity for traveling abroad.


christine quesada


Christine Quesada joins the animal rescue world with an incredible passion for education and volunteer engagement. In 2014 she joined Best Friends Animal Society as their Mobile Adoptions Lead and drove all over Los Angeles in a 26-foot RV full of barking dogs and meowing cats in the hopes of getting them adopted. Still with the organization, she is the Volunteer Department Lead in Los Angeles, responsible for the recruitment and engagement of over 1,000 active volunteers. She is also a Humane Education volunteer for the Bark Avenue Foundation, where she regularly goes out to local schools and teaches children about the importance of adoption and responsible pet ownership. Her background is in Hospitality and Human Resources Management, and she worked for Hilton and Marriott hotels for several years before making the jump from corporate to non-profit.

Christine currently has 2 cats named Ben & Jerry and a dog named Lucy. Lucy and Christine enjoy driving around California together and explore new hiking spots. 


David Lundy


David is a life-long dog owner, whose interest in the past few years has turned to the plight of unwanted pets. Recognizing that there are many dogs who need homes, the root of the problem is the explosion of the animal population, he has turned his attention to the important work of taming that seemingly out-of-control situation. Dave learned his problem-solving skills in his 32 year career with the New York Power Authority, in the Operations Department of one of the largest hydroelectric plants in the USA. When Dave and his wife, Mari, are not tending to the needs of Dindi, the Magic Flying Dog, and Flopsy, the Large Unambitious Cat, he is an actor, working onstage and in film.

UPDATE: With the help of For the Love of Dogs, Dave and Mari have just adopted Jobim into their home, a rescue from the streets of Argentina.


hadi noori

Board Member

Hadi joins our rescue family from Hollywood, California. Hadi and his wife Shine have two rescues, three year old Malikah (Queen), and 2 year old Lily. They enjoy hikes in the nearby Runyon Canyon. Malikah was rescued from a no-kill boutique shelter who found her on the streets of Los Angeles. Her struggle gave Hadi insight into how hard it is for a dog to rebound after a life of abuse, and is the reason he takes rescuing so seriously. A year after Malikah's adoptaversary, Lily came into their lives, and Malikah became a big sister. 

Hadi was born in New York, but spent most of his life in California, graduating from the University of California - Santa Barbara. In his spare time he’s with his girls hiking or walking around the city, enjoying the beautiful weather and people.