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101 Sterilizations

2017 marked the launch of For the Love of Dogs and the completion of our first campaign, 101 Sterilizations.

We launched 101 Sterilizations in Catamarca, Argentina. We worked closely with the local government, the public sterilization center Zoonosis, local vets and protectionists.

After that, we expanded our reach to groups and veterinarians who shared our vision for a world where all dogs are loved. 101 Sterilizations reached stray dogs in Argentina, Montenegro, and Portugal!

Trap • Sterilize • Release Program

  • Identify in-need street dogs (fertile females and non-aggressive males).
  • Feed the dogs and introduce ourselves to the owners to confirm that we can take the dogs for surgery.
  • “Trap” the dog in question and bring him to a local veterinarian or clinic.
  • The sterilization is completed and he is given up to a day to recover.

  • Release the dog back into his neighborhood with a pamphlet and antibiotics for the owners, outlining basic post-op care.



    Raised $4,000 for 101 Sterilizations in one month of fundraising via crowdsourcing.


    Trusted partners established in all three countries. Negotiated rates with local vets in each location.


    101 street dogs sterilized in Argentina (64), Montenegro (24), and Portugal (13).

    2017 Summary

    • 101 sterilizations, ensuring proper recovery and antibiotics (see the dogs)
    • 2 dogs rescued and transported from Argentina to the US
    • 105 kg of dog food provided to in-need street dogs in Argentina
    • 8 puppies treated for ticks and fleas (watch the video)
    • Financed Doris's eye removal surgery after a severe beating

    Plans for 2018...

    Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized in the United States alone (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats).
    — ASPCA

    Our Impact

    In 2017, we successfully funded 101 Sterilizations in three countries. We are currently researching and developing a new foster tool to help shelters across the US achieve higher lifesaving goals. We hope to assist in the foster placement of 500 cats and dogs by the end of 2019.

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    Through our travels we have come across a remarkable network of sanctuaries and rescues around the world!