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Every dog deserves to be loved. But, there are over 200 million street dogs worldwide, and they are multiplying rapidly. The best way to show we care is by responsibly slowing the growth of the unwanted dog population. For the Love of Dogs funds compassionate sterilizations for street dogs, and researches the latest non-invasive techniques for a safer and quicker recovery – and less euthanization!

 Almancil, Portugal | Left in a dumpster.

Almancil, Portugal | Left in a dumpster.


 Catamarca, Argentina | Left in a box, sealed in a garbage bag at the dump.

Catamarca, Argentina | Left in a box, sealed in a garbage bag at the dump.

Street dogs or homeless dogs have an average life span of 1-4 years. Life on the streets is harsh, and yet they keep reproducing; it is estimated that one female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in just 6 years. 

These dogs rarely experience love, and even fewer will be adopted. To combat this growth, governments and locals often take drastic measures – drowning, poisoning, euthanizing, and often beating the dogs to death. But none of these barbaric methods have successfully slowed the growth of strays.

Sanctuaries and rescues can't keep up with the growing population. As they become more crowded, quality of life decreases and additional unwanted dogs and puppies must be turned away. 

    Trap • STERILIZE • Release

    Fortunately there are TSR programs. These programs focus solely on trapping and collecting street dogs, bringing them to a vet for their sterilization and recovery, and then releasing them back to the neighborhood where they were collected.

    Rescue Work

    Our focus is to stop the problem where it starts, responsible sterilization. Secondarily, we provide emergency services for select dogs as the cases arise. Some happy stories from 2017:


    One unsterilized female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in just 6 years!


    For the Love of Dogs

    WHAT: A USA based 501c3 supporting dog sterilizations around the world – launching in Argentina, Portugal, Montenegro & Vietnam.

    OBJECTIVE: Reduce the suffering of dogs worldwide by funding compassionate sterilizations.

    Work with governments, veterinarians and the community to fund street dog sterilizations via a TSR program.
    2nd: Explore new, non-surgically invasive techniques for sterilization.
    3rd: Scale this project globally with a model that can be replicated through simple steps.

    Cooperation & Education

    Veterinarians • Government • Activists • LOCALS